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Conventional & Alternative approach from a healing-oriented physician.

Reproductive Health

Your healthiest body can be realized through our unique approach.


Diet, herbs, & vitamins can lead to improvements in overall health.

Healthy Aging

Our holistic approach helps women to live their best life throughout the ages.

Integrative Health

A New Approach….

Integrative medicine bridges the practice of traditional medicine as we know it in the western world with complementary medicine. Together the two bodies of knowledge provide a vast array of healing possibilities.

The practices of conventional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine can indeed work well together.  In combination, they can greatly extend the spectrum of healing for each patient and for our society.

What’s the Process?

This is a consultative practice that offers many different options that will complement the management of disease currently in place with your primary care provider.

Effective interventions that are natural and less invasive will be offered whenever possible. Integrative medicine emphasizes coordination of care across an array of caregivers.

  • The initial visit is a 60-90 minute visit to obtain a thorough history of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors enabling a comprehensive understanding of what makes a person healthy or, in some cases, not as healthy as they wish.
  • Once an established patient, subsequent visits and shorter visits may be scheduled to follow up and assess how the management of a problem is going. A problem visit for a specific issue may be a shorter visit as well.
  • Ongoing quarterly and/or annual visits enable patient ongoing communication and focus to maintain the healthiest and happiest you!

A Word from Tina....

Integrative Women’s Health is coming to fruition at a perfect time in healthcare and in my own personal life. As an ObGyn for more than twenty years, I have been privileged to be part of hundreds of births and I can say that every single one was a miracle. Throughout clinic days working as a gynecologist, I was excited to help women through various phases of life.

Personal circumstances led me to volunteer for hospice and eventually take a job with an amazing organization to attend their patients at the hospice house. There I was able to help people pass over peacefully. it amazed me to see the similarities between birth and death. How blessed we are to have this gift which is the experience of life. How precious each and every day is. I began to look at my own life and think about improving the way I treat myself. Honoring what makes my soul happy. To be healthy not only physically but emotionally and spiritually.

I continue to take this path and would be thrilled to help my patients along the same path. I am currently in my second year of an Integrative medicine fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil through the University of Arizona. I’m enthusiastic about helping my patients approach healthcare with a feeling of empowerment- to allow them to be the captain of the ship while I help to guide them along the trip.

Tina Costello, M.D.

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